The water Tap That Does It All
100°C boiling, hot, cold

With a Quooker, you always have the convenience of instant boiling water, straight from the tap.
It is the safest and most sustainable option for the kitchen and saves space on your worktop.
And did you know that water from the Quooker also tastes better than normal tap water?

No kitchen is complete without its Quooker.


Enjoy fresh boiling, hot & cold drinking water every day.
An active carbon filter in the tank purifies the water. Furthermore, because the tank keeps it at a temperature of 100 degrees it is always fresh. This reduces the calcium level, helping, for example, to bring out the taste of tea.

Energy Efficient

Anyone who needs boiling water several times a day will not use more energy with a Quooker than with a kettle.
With a Quooker COMBI tank (which provides both boiling and hot water all form a cold feed), you can even save energy.


Boiling water, straight from the tap, is that safe?'.
That's the most frequent asked question about Quooker.
Our response is that the Quooker is the safest choice for every household. We have already installed over 500k Quookers around the world, with a number of important safety features, including a childproof handle.

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